About ‘judeness’

A woman, from the rather lovely and magical far west of Wales. Sadly it is not catching.

I like to write, read, grow things, feed birds, take photographs, walk along beaches and paths picking things up, visit very old places, listen to music and mess with instruments (musical, not surgical). I also play with paint and  make things when I have time (including, over the years, a mari lwyd and a papier maché goddess).


I’ve worked, variously and chronologically, as an assistant matron at a boys’ prep school, as part of a women’s art collective, with Women’s Aid, the Probation Service, as a journalist, with Age Concern, Mind and now at a cancer caring centre. I’m opinionated and a socialist verging on anarchy (if only I could get organised).

People keep assuming I am 1) spiritual and 2) vegetarian. I keep assuring people that I am neither.

My favourites are: blue, purple, green and bronze, woodsmoke, basil and fresias, sunset, sunrise and the time in between, the sky in general but particularly at night, robins, seabirds, crows and owls, cats, red wine, whisky and very strong coffee.

The blog will make most sense if you begin at the very beginning with my 2008 entries – but for anyone wanting to dip in, it may help to know that almost all the posts start from a bit of the house where I was born – and still spend as much time as I can. Where  they end up is less predictable…

The pages marked ‘Earth to Earth’ meanwhile concentrate on the garden at the same location and a series of short pieces written over the year after my mother died.

I hope you will find some enjoyment here…


31 Responses to “About ‘judeness’”

  1. Define ‘spiritual’ 🙂

    Your secret is safe with me!


  2. I rest my case 😉


  3. 🙂

  4. aye not bad for a blind guy to use.links to things easy to pull up in jaws. anyway thanks love you take care the now bill oblindhippy

  5. Thank you Bill 🙂 good to see you found your way 🙂

  6. Jude, do you know the photography of Wilheim Moser? if not, I recommend you check it out, specifically the photos collected in his book “Stone: A Global Study of Megalithic Structures” .. with luck soon to be a documentary film of the great mysterious stones.

    Your blog is refreshingly free of “girly stuff” .. I enjoyed your photos and views. Thanks.

  7. Thanks Julie – yes, I’ve been accused of many things but being ‘girlie’ isn’t one of them… Thank you too for the book recommendation; I’ll check it out.

  8. What a beautiful blog!Your Photos are beautiful and bring a tear to my eye.I am so glad I stumbled on it!

  9. Oh! Well I’m so glad you did too Ana Mari… Thank you!

  10. Oh, the hares, the cats, the robins and the crows! Purple leaves, bright waters, full moon and shades! With history, ancestors, old stories and beautiful pictures! I have to come back…

  11. I very much hope you do 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  12. i stumbled into your blog, looking for hares..it’s so good, so interesting. great photography and v.nice humour. lucky or what! i’ll be back for more, thankyou, ann.

  13. Very glad to hear you’ve found enough to make you want to return Ann – thank you for your kind words – and it’s my pleasure… well, one of them anyway 🙂

  14. I love your site. Keep it up !

  15. Found you twice now..
    And I am not a spiritual vegetarian either.
    I had a /have a WP blog, so if you see me poking about, just being a bit curious..tis all!

  16. There’s bound to be a third time then… lol. Had a / have a? two different blogs?

  17. No new posts?
    I HAVE A WordPress blog, it sits unloved and untended, as it had to many strange and malicious miscreants who would badger me about my gender, my sexual orientation, and my 20$ vocabulary.
    so now I am a dedicated reader…
    maybe some day when i feel enough time has passed i will try and spew some words upon the screen again.
    in the interim, I am ever so patiently waiting for something new in the world of “judeness”

  18. *sigh* I know…

    You’re no more disappointed than I am, if it’s any consolation. It’s not, I assure you, for want of inspiration; just work, gardening and personal demands trining to keep me away from my wanderings…

    Still, your comment has spurred me to determination anew. There WILL be something during May (such an uncertain sounding month…). Thank you for the deserved kick up the dashboard 🙂

    And do let me know if you blog again…

  19. Can you tell me, cos I’m also a bit mad, did you find out why the crumpets packets imploded?

  20. Well, the only theory offered to date is:

    ‘Wanted to leave ten million comments but am limiting myself to the crumpet dilemma. Think they are half baked (like moi on occasion) and therefore the yeast keeps on working and eats up all the oxygen in the packet.’

    Satan in Winsiette said this on January 20, 2009 at 3:14 am

    I replied:

    ‘S’tan your comment and screen name have both left me giggling here – thank you for that. You may be interested to know that someone else offered an explanation for one of the other mysteries touched on in the blog – suggesting that perhaps there were rogue ‘black hole’ crumpets roaming Flannan Isle… It is, of course, butter theory…’

    The yeast theory sounded pretty convincing 🙂

  21. Dear Jude,
    I found your blog via google and am very thankful for your wonderful explanations about Ostara: Of heirs, hares and airs… (March 2008). I am invited to hold a shamanic seminar next years easter and would love to use the green-lady.jpg for promotion. Are you the copyright owner of this picture and if yes, can I use it?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you!
    Lightful greetings from Cologne

  22. Thank you so much Mara – I have replied via email – let me know if it doesn’t get through safely!

  23. I love your blog! And Wales looks beautiful.

  24. Oh – Wales IS beautiful 🙂

  25. Write some more

  26. some more
    some more
    some more

    Point taken 🙂

    The days shorten – there is hope 🙂

    and inspiration 🙂

    thank you for your words

  27. what a great life, i am jealous !
    i wish you the most blue blue life.

    i am also assuming your are spiritual !

  28. Hi there Ebi – good to hear from you – and yes, I consider myself to be amazingly lucky, life-wise. Please don’t be jealous though – just try and find and enjoy the small things that make life special 🙂 Thank you for your wish too – I’ll definitely settle for blue 🙂

  29. You’ve introduced me to a whole new world–and I love your photos!

  30. Pat thank you – I’m glad you found things here… and I love your photos too – it’s always great to see a new ‘take’ on Pembrokeshire. There are lots more of mine at http://www.myspace.com/judescwtch/photos/albums/my-photos/1069750#mssrc=SitesPhotos_SP_AlbumTitle_ViewAlbum if you find yourself with time to spare!

    It was lovely to see you over Christmas – and I hope some more in 2011…

  31. just adding a comment here because I notice quite a few people have subscribed to the comments list – to let you know I’ve actually managed to blog again…

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